Our Shoreditch showroom has been given a total makeover in collaboration with Resonate Interior Architecture.

As we are very pleased with the result, we have invited few friends over to reveal the new display.

Our guest of honour, Pernille from Resonate, talked about the experience, from initial design concept to final, fully-refined interior.

Task Showroom is a collection of dedicated focus areas, each featuring a selection of products from our exclusive Italian partners, ICF and Marelli, together with our own range of workstations including sit-stand and bespoke Workwall solution.

To put finishing touches to the new interior, we've added statement lighting pieces across the showroom (courtesy of our new Italian partner Penta Lighting) and applied acoustic paneling throughout, to assist in creating private areas to concentrate and communicate.

We caught up with David Chiverton, Business Development Manager at Task, to find out what he thinks about the reinvigorated showroom:

“The new TASK showroom is fantastic. People can come down here and really see how things are made, they can touch the marble and feel the quality of the leather - it's true quality experience.”

Close colleague and friend Sav Cicero, Director at Two by Two Design Consultants, also said:

“I've been working with Task for over 25 years and the transformation is incredible. For me the Penta lighting is a real highlight and the Marelli sofas are just great, the fabric is superior.”

We are very proud of what we have achieved with the new interior and will continue striving for the best experience we can possibly give to our clients. In the end it's not what we think that matters, it's what our clients say.

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